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    Unanswered: Calender Object


    I have this new dbase I'm working for an optician's office. Like a previous dbase I was working on, I used the ActiveX Control Date Picker. I wanted to use it again, but I don't have it on my ActiveX Control Pad (working with Access 2000 but on ME platform) and I tried downloading and registering the OSX file but it still doesn't work. I have decided to use the Calender instead (Also heard this causes less complications).

    There is a report in the Optician's dbase that shows the scheduled appointments for the current date. I have a commad button on the main swtichboard that opens a dialog box. On this dialog box, the user can double check the date on the calender. When the user clicks on "Go", the report for current appointments will show up. I have the following code in the Form Load Event:

    Private Sub Form_Load()
    'set it to default to today.
    'this has to be done in the form_load event, can't be done in form_open as control is read only by then!!

    Me.dtPickDate = Now()

    End Sub

    And the following code in the Go command button:

    Private Sub cmdGo_Click()
    Dim strWhere

    strWhere = "[DateOfAppointment]=#" & Format(Me.dtPickDate, "yyyy-mm-dd") & "#"

    On Error Resume Next
    DoCmd.OpenReport "rptCurrentAppointments", acViewPreview, , strWhere ', acWindowNormal

    End Sub

    I edited it from the last dbase I did with the datepicker, it doesn't seem to be working. Any ideas how to fix this problem?

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    well now: i have a solution to a slightly different problem, but you could probably adapt it to suit.

    i don't like zillions of calendar controls all over the place so i use a single popup/modal date-select form holding a calendar control (plus a couple of other buttons that you can work out from the code below).

    the "trick" if it is one, is to pass the object name of the destination textbox to the popup form. (typically i call this from _click in a textbox that is supposed to have a date in it)

    Option Compare Database
    Option Explicit
    'FORM   popUserDate
    '       utility form to gather a user-entered date and insert it in the calling form
    '   calling form MUST use the following syntax:
    '       Dim TargetTextBox As TextBox                                                'prepare textbox object
    '       Set TargetTextBox = Me.NameOfTheTargetTextBox                               'set the target textbox
    '       DoCmd.OpenForm "popUserDate"                                                'open the form
    '       Forms!popUserDate.popUserDateSetup TargetTextBox, "Caption", DefaultDate    'call the setup routine
    '   caller is responsible for a valid call. popUserDate atttempts to handle bad DefaultDates
    '       on error Me.NameOfTheTargetTextBox is unchanged else Me.NameOfTheTargetTextBox = user selected date
    '       calling form MUST remain open until popUserDate is closed. popUserDate is popup/modal so this is
    '       the default behaviour, but code in this form must not be modified to close the caller
    Dim PUDtarget As TextBox    'the TargetTextBox in the calling form
    Dim initDate As Date
    'this is the PUBLIC callable routine
    Public Sub popUserDateSetup(theTarget As TextBox, theCaption As String, theDefault As Date)
        Set PUDtarget = theTarget   'keep a local copy of the target textbox object
        Me.Caption = theCaption     'set the form caption
        If isDate(theDefault) Then
            initDate = theDefault   'save the initial value for a potential user-reset
            initDate = Now()        'if incoming date is bad, use today's date
        End If
        theCal = initDate           'set the calendar to the initial value
    End Sub
    Private Sub butCancel_Click()   'cancel: caller textbox is NOT changed
        DoCmd.Close acForm, "popUserDate"
    End Sub
    Private Sub butClear_Click()
        'null the source date
        PUDtarget = ""
        DoCmd.Close acForm, "popUserDate"
    End Sub
    Private Sub butOK_Click()       'OK: update caller texbox and close popUserDate
        PUDtarget = theCal
        DoCmd.Close acForm, "popUserDate"
    End Sub
    Private Sub butReset_Click()    'reset to the date originally in the caller textbox
        theCal = initDate
    End Sub
    Private Sub butToday_Click()    'set today's date
        theCal = Now()
    End Sub
    theCal is the calendar control on the popup/modal form.

    currently using SS 2008R2

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