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    Unanswered: null values in sql server


    I am importing an excel spreadsheet into tables in a sql server database using dts. I have one row of information filled out in the excel spreadsheet, but when the dts runs, it imports the information plus 5 extra rows filled with nulls ino the table.

    Does anyone know how to fix this?


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    Re: null values in sql server

    Did those rows have values in them previously but were erased? Here is an idea (I don't know if it will work). Try creating a new Excel Spreadsheet and cut-and-paste your valid rows from your original spreadsheet into the new spreadsheet, save it and try your DTS package again.

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    Open the excel and remove the last 5 rows from the bottom which has null value.
    I would rather prefer to save the excel sheet as .TXT file and then import the txt file.
    Excel always seem to do something funny with the DTS.

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