I encountered a major size difference between 2 dumps exported from 2 almost identical schemes.
The "clean" scheme's dump size is 120,116 kb (it is a master scheme with almost no production data) and the test scheme's dump size is 113,470 kb (this scheme was created with an import of the "clean" scheme a few days back). the reason this difference is very odd is because the test scheme should be bigger since it is the one being tested.

Using oracle's Change manager to compare between the two scheme's tables and indexes resulted in nothing. most of the tables were identical in their structure and contents. there were minor differences, but they only proved that the "clean" scheme is smaller than the test scheme (a few tables had less rows).

Can someone please guide me how to trace the dump size differences ? how can a smaller scheme produce a dump file 7 megabytes bigger than a parallel scheme ?