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    Unanswered: Inventory Control

    im trying to learn about databases but one question i cant figure out is where would i put the calculation to subtract or add the inventory. i have used database wizard and it will subtract the inventory i would just like to know how this is done and i want to make my own database so i need to know how this is done

    thanks greg

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    Hi greg

    In a form you will need a textbox bound to the stock table.

    we'll call this instock (box and field can be the same) in the same form have a second text box that is unbound (not tied to any table).

    In the properties section of the 2nd box which we will call "removestock"

    go to the AFTERUPDATE and click right hand side of the row - youll see a small box appear similar to > [...] open by clicking and insert the little sql below

    Private Sub removestock_AfterUpdate()

    Me!InStock = Me!InStock - Me!Removestock

    Me!Removestock = ""

    End Sub

    This will the allow you to have a product in the INSTOCK textbox and when you place a number in the REMOVESTOCK box and tab away you will see that the amount of stock should reduce

    I hope Ive cleared some of the mystery

    If you still have a problem let me konw


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