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    Unanswered: Replication! Please help!

    Hi Folks, I've run into serious problem. I've 4 GB of Publisher that i need to replicate to a subscriber over the internet using VPN. The Snapshot(Merge-Agent) has been running for last 8 hours and now it gives me the following error and has restarted from beginning.
    "The Subscription to Publication is Invalid, Check your Network Documentation".
    Damn!! The publisher and subscriber were intact throughout. Snapshot has now restarted and will need more 8 hrs.
    Any ideas of what has gone wrong?
    Also, Is there any settings in the agent-profile that i need to set to make the snapshot wait if the subscriber disconnects for a while during the snapshot rather that to start from the beginning, because the internet is not rather stable to keep the subscriber online all along. Please help!!!!!!!! It's been so frustrating.

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    Check my reply on other forums.
    --Satya SKJ
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