I work for a startup marketing firm, and we need to provide our client (a small non-profit) with an affordable database that will allow them to sell gift certificates online, and conduct secure payment transactions for these gift certificates.

Here is the scoop on their current website:

It uses a combination of HTML, PHP and MySQL to generate the web site. By the time the end user sees the site, it is all pure HTML code (with some javascript for rollover images, etc) however it goes through a great
deal of PHP processing before the generated HTML is displayed to the
end user. We do not use ASP or Java at all on our primary server (primarily because ASP does not yet work in Linux), but we do have a secondary Windows NT server which should allow ASP to run.

Our primary server is Linux based and uses Red Hat 7.3 as the operating system with Apache for the web server. We can run PHP and PERL on this machine. We also have a Windows NT server as I mentioned earlier which should have the ability to run ASP and/or Java if necessary.


January - 11,518 hits
February - 51,622 hits
March - 61,840 hits

Please help with any recommendations! None of my employees are sure of a good choice for this project.