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    Question Unanswered: Foxplus/dbase in Windows XP

    I'm trying to run an old Foxplus version in an XP enviroment but keep getting the message about insufficient space to run it. However I configure the enviroment it does not chanbge this.

    Anyone got an answer or am I doomed to used it on a Windows 98 machine forever?

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    how old are your apps? AFAIK Windows XP doesn't support 16Bit Apps any more

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    Windows XP will still run 16 bit apps. After all, it's just a prettier version of NT 2000.
    A couple thing to try though, set the desktop iceon or shortcut to Win95 compatibility.

    Change your config.nt and add these lines:

    Try changing this setting in your config.fp file:
    MEMLIMIT = 60,2048,8192
    MEMLIMIT = 60,2048,4098

    Some people use TameDOS:

    Also, make sure you have sufficient rights. Fox may be trying to create tempfiles in an area of the hard drive which you don't have access to.

    Even more Fox stuff at

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