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    Unanswered: Table space and Data files

    dear friends,

    i have two database users say, user1 and user2.

    which of the following option is better.

    1.user1 and user2 having the same table space with single
    large datafile(sys1.ora).

    2.user1 and user2 having different table spaces with multiple

    could you plz tell me the right combination of values for
    creating table space(like initial size,next size,min size)
    for a large database that can grow upto 2GB/year.

    thank you.

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    it is always a good idea not to take system tablespace for additional schemas in the database instance

    I always prefer giving schemas/owners their own tablespace except for some playground to developers who share one tablesspace

    a tablespace can consist of many datafiles
    one datafile can only be attached to one tablespace

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