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    Unanswered: How to Change internal password on oracle 8.1.7 based on linux system

    When i start up my server from svrmgrl it's say "worng password"..
    i used the apllication orapwd :
    orapwd file=/usr/local/u01/app/oracle/admin/governo/pfile/PWDgoverno.ora password=oracle ENTRIES=10

    because there's no PWD file in my ORA_HOME and so i created new

    When i reconnect it say the same thing...

    Any Idea?

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    Make sure the user you log into the Linux system is in the same group as the oracle software owner.

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    i have solved...

    in 8.1.7 teh pwd file is in ORACLE_HOME/dbs not ORACLE_HOMES/database

    and it is in the format orapwsid

    i delete end run the orapwd file and now all work !!!

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