I have a form that has two windows, Login window and Menu Window. I have five buttons clicking which would take me to five different forms. (I use New_Form function).

Depending on the Login Id, the five buttons in the menu window will be enabled.

For ex, If user A has access to first three in the menu, when he logs in only the first three buttons will be enabled.

The problem I face is, when A logs in, 3 buttons are enabled in the menu. Let me assume that he clicks the first button, so it takes him to the corresponding form, where i have a button clicking on which he can return to the main form. But here again I use the same New_Form function. So everytime I go to a form and return to the main form, it keeps asking for user id and password.

Global Variables could not be used, as I use New_form fuction.

Is there a way to resolve this issue.

Hope I am clear with the question :-)

(In general, while being in a form, is it possible to change an items value in some other form.)

Thank You.