I am in bank reconcilement and learning to use Access. I download my companies merchant credit card electronic deposits from my bank daily and store it in a table. For now, I just use simply queries and reports to product daily transaction reports.

Want to up the notch on using Access and want to do start using look-ups.

In my current table, each transaction contains: 1) date of deposit, 2) account number where deposit to be credited, 3) amount, and 4) description fields (text, up to 100 characters).

In each transaction, the department i.e. which processed the credit charge appears in the description field (item 4 above) as a unique 10 digit number (there about 20 diff departments each with assigned 10 digit number); however, this number could be in the beg, middle or end of the string; it's always preceeded by "CO ID:")

For example,

1) 03242004, 2) 1234567890, 3) 10.00, 4) this charge came from CO ID: 2345678901 and used to purchase convention tickets

How do I do a look-up of the 10 digit number in the description field and then look it up on a sep table. 10 digit is hard to identify; want to use department name instead for the look-up. Appreciate the help!