Please Help - Subform problems

Im a bit useless with Access (im using access 2002 in Office XP) Im trying to design a form (called enquiry sheet) which shows job details at the top from a table called enquiry and in a subform within. The subform is to show the parts used for the job (item name) along with their prices (price) and the hours taken per item (hours per item). All from a table called Products.

I then want to show the total of the prices and the total hours per job (though Im pretty sure I can get this to work).

I have figured most of it out but I cant get the hours and prices to link to the combo box with the name (in other words when you select item no 1 from a drop down list it's price and hours per item will automatically be shown in the appropriate boxes).

I want the Form to show....

Item 1 16.00 3
Item 2 10.00 2

But all I get is the Item name and the other 2 boxes remain blank!


The other problem I get is when an Item is selected from the item name combo box it makes a new record in the Products table... how do I stop this - I mearly want to use this form as a means to look up data from the table not add to it.

Can someone please tell me the correct formula for getting this to work, ive looked on the net and in books and on several other databases properties but I just cant figure it out. Do I need a query to get it to work or do I have to change something in the properties of the text boxes?

I may give up and stick the whole lot on an excel spreadsheet at the rate I'm going.... Why did I agree to do this???

Thanks in advance