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    hello guys,
    I always confront the error : FRM-40105: unable to resolve the reference to item.
    Can you tell me the reason? how can I solve it?

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    No OS or OS version. :-(
    No version of Oracle s/w provided. :-(
    No actual code provided :-(
    From Metalink....
    Solution Explanation: ===================== FRM-40105 indicates that you have used invalid syntax. See the Forms documentation for details on the proper syntax for every built-in subprogram.

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    I assume you've encountered this in Oracle Forms.
    This error is the cause of navigation to some item that does not exists.
    Check the steps executed ... some where you should be forcing go_item to some item/block that does not exists in your form.

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    Thank you guys very much, I'll try to find the solution.

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