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    Unanswered: ASE on AIX and database on SAN


    I am facing the move the databse , whicch is now on local logical voluems of an AIX box to an EMC provided enterprise storage solution. The connection to this EMC box will be via a fiber channel card. ASE still would run on AIX, but the database would not. What is the optimal database setup for this situation ?

    Where should master be ? Should it be local or also on the SAN ?
    Where should the other system related DBs be, like sybsystemprocs, etc.

    Where should dbccdb go ?

    Where should I place the transaction log of the user databases. Should it go to the SAN with the data, or should I have it on a local logical volume ?

    Etc, etc,..

    Thanks ahead,

    P.S. ASE is at this point at 11.9.2, but will be updated to next month.

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    The best place for all the devices is the SAN (I think this kind of hardware is more safe and faster). The only exception will be the tempdb if you want to use a ramdisk.
    You will choose if you use raid 0+1, raid 1+0 or raid 5 (if you don't write too much) for each devices, and of course how many disk will use to spread the data (more disk mean faster). This the most important thing, and take your time to think.
    You should place the transaction log and data in different set of disk. And, I will try to not use raid 5 with any transaction log.
    After you create the devices, is better create links for the database, like "/sybase/data/master.dat" -> /dev/.....
    So, if you need change or modify the devices you will not have problems with name of the devices in the master databases.
    Good luck


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    Re: ASE on AIX and database on SAN

    As Sebastian mentionned, the best way is to put all devices on the san. The level of rais is not so important because the storage is very fast.
    It uses a kind of journal file system and writes after on your disk.

    All you need is to create links (as mentionned by sebastien) pointing to /dev/.... With this method, you don't need to rebuild all devices but just adapt your links on unix level.

    Good luck


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