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    Question Unanswered: Prevent duplicate selctions inside a subform

    I have a subform with in a form that allows the user to select additonal members for a comittee. The main form has a combo box in it, where they need to choose their Employee ID (goes into tbl 1), and the subform has additonal Employee ID combo box (goes into tbl 2). People sometimes select their own ID in the subform, and I'm trying to keep this from happening. I set up a VBScript on AfterUpdate with an If statement like this:

    Private Sub Alias_AfterUpdate()
    If (Me.EmployeeID) = (Forms)!(Form Name)(EmployeeID) Then
    MsgBox ("Comment.")
    Cancel = True
    End If
    End Sub

    A message box will pop up if the Employee ID is the same as in the main form, but it also pops up if the Employee ID is different. I aslo tried the If statement when it looks at the tables, but it does the same things. Both the form and subform are connected by a AutoNumber field called Request ID. Anyone know how to keep duplicate entries from happening within a subform?

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    Create a flag on your employee table called something like IsVisible ... In yout subform's Form_Update event run a query to set that flag to false AND requery the combobox. You combobox should have a RowSource like: SELECT * FROM SomeTable WHERE (IsVisible=True);

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