I'm having a problem with a NETX 4.0 CGI that calls WIN32 socket API's to request data from our mainframe. For the most part you can query the system with very good response time, but every few requests will hang for 1-2 minutes before a reposnse comes back. This is pretty consistant. We have eliminated network traffic and we think we have narrowed it down to the socket program. This program was pieced together from the only samples we could find on the WEB at the time. I am not very familar with the use of API's in MF COBOL programs so I'm not even sure they are setup correctly. I'm begining to wonder if that someone that understands the nuts and bolts of sockets should use the WIN32 API's. My question is has anyone else done this before, have you incountered the same problems and is there some thing simpler that I can call from my program to replace the WIN32 API's? Do you have any examples?