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    Angry Unanswered: Can you join columns whose data type is char

    I have two tables :

    program_code | Program_name
    abc | abcdef
    Tin | Tin Tin

    Program_Code | Program_Name | Type
    tin | Tin Tin | good
    BB | Big Bang | poor

    I am trying to join the tables so as to the get program_code and Name from T1 which are present in T2 . Here is my query :
    select T1.Program_code, T1.Program_name from T1 join T2 on
    T1.Program_code = T2.Program code

    This query should yeild me : Tin | Tin Tin
    But unfortunately it doesnt. So my question is, can we join colums whose data type is char ?
    My DB is SQL SERVER 2000
    Would appreciate a quick response.


    -- Vikram
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