I have set up a form with drop down combo boxes that have
lookups in single column tables (lists). These tables are
in the same database as my form of course and they link
back to another database which contain the "master"
tables/lists. I have this setup this way because I have
other DB's that use these same lists for basically Data
Validation. My problem is that after I add new entries to
my list and then sort them ascending or descending, my
linked tables/lists are not establishing the same sort.
I'm saving and doing everything and can't figure out why
this is. So then I have to open all of my links and sort
those...only to find out that when I get back to my form
and use the combo boxes, my combo boxes are not sorted how
I initially sorted. Can someone tell my what I might be
doing wrong? I know I can go into the combo box's control
and establish a query for the lookup and sort that way,
but that seems like an awful lot of work for something
that seems to me should be already done.

Thanks much,