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    Question Unanswered: Help! with REP-0187: Daemon failed to start up engine

    I have a problem with the configuration of a service of report server in linux the configuration with which I am working it is:
    Linux RedHat 7.1
    Oracle Reports Server
    RDBMS 8.1.7
    Apache 1.3.19

    Configure the service and it ascends without problems, but after a while he falls with the following error:
    REP-0187: Daemon failed to start up engine

    If I try to execute a report while this up the message that gives me is HTTP 500 Internal Server Error the logs of the Apache has the following message (error_log)
    rwcgi60: error while loading shared libraries: cannot load shared object file: Not such file or directory
    [Tue Sea 23 11:50:09 2004] [error] [client] Premature end of script headers: /u01/app/oracle/tools/web60/cgi/rwcgi60

    Somebody has some idea of this error and as I can solve it. Another form that they could help me it is some documentation of as configuring in linux (some exception or something like that)

    Thank you.

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    from Metalink........
    5. REP-00187 - Daemon Failed to start-up engine. Explanation of error: On UNIX, the Reports multi-tier server component requires the Reports Runtime Motif executable to run the requested report. As part of the startup process, a Reports background process is spawned by the rwmts60 to ensure that this can be accomplished, when a valid request is received. This error indicates that the background engine failed to start as expected. Troubleshooting steps: Try to call the Runtime Motif executable, and see if a response can be elicited on the UNIX server. Results and correction steps: If nothing happens: a) Check the Motif Reports Runtime executable (rwrun60) in the $ORACLE_HOME/bin folder and ensure that it exists, and that is not a zero byte file. b) If the file exists, re-link it per Oracle Developer version makefile guidelines. See your Developer installation guide for your version. Reference Note: NOTE 1078732.6 REP-187 STARTING RWMTS60
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    When executing the rwrun60 in graphic atmosphere it works without any problem, I made it the re-link and it followed me passing the same error


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