Hi there, i am using VB6 to write my program. but i have a problem with the multiuser. my database i am using ms access 97. the problem is like this. i link my database using ODBC. the following is how i open my database using vb and i set the option to dbseechanges and the lockedit i used dboptimistic.

Set rsTable2 = db.OpenRecordset( sql2, dbOpenDynaset, dbseechanges, dboptimistic)

when both user try to post using the same entry form with the same reference number. the first table that it will post to have an index key in it. so when one record already posted, the other use will get a error message. then i change the other user's reference no. but the problem is that the first user will have error pop up saying that the table is lock by the other user. as i know the other user still haven't post untill there yet. so do anyone have any idea on how to solve this problem????