I have a structured type consisting of number of different size string fields. I now want to pass the contents of this type to an outside dll-funtion that takes only one string as a parameter. So in effect I would need to 'concatenate' the contents of type into one 'string' and pass that on to the function. Can I do this without actually doing a concatenation?
I mean that is there a better way to make my type to look like a single string?

Var msg as examplerecord

Type ExampleRecord
ID As String * 10
Name As String * 20
Address As String * 30
Phone As String * 20
End Type

Function SendMessage(msgtxt as string) (DLL-function)


So in effect I want to do something of a like Sendmessage(msg) witch at the moment gives me type mismatch. What is the best way to do it? Of course I can always do Sendmessage(msg.id & msg.name & msg.address & msg.phone) but I think there must be a better solution... at least when this is only a example and in real life I have many many more fields in type.

Thank, Mika