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    Unanswered: exec statement

    hi guys

    maybe an easy one for you

    in stored procedure I create follving select

    @cmd = 'select ' + @column_name + 'from ticket_dump_datawarehouse '
    execute (@cmd)

    problem is thant I want to gave return value from this select

    something like
    set @return = execute(@cmd)

    but I recieve error

    Incorrect syntax near the keyword 'execute'

    Can I do that some other way?

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    create temporary table out the and insert the result into that table
    create table #t(colvalue <datatype>)

    @cmd = 'insert into #t (colvalue)
    select ' + @column_name + 'from ticket_dump_datawarehouse '
    execute (@cmd)

    select * From #t

    drop table #t

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