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    Unanswered: Full-Text-Search

    I have a full-text search enabled table and an image data type column that stores the extracts from the documents stored in the files. I have created a full text catalog that indexes few columns in the table and image data type column as well and I assigned the extension column to this image data type column.
    Everything works fine except that search on the image data type column called, in my case "body" does not return anything. The documents exist, there is an information in the "body" column.

    My code goes like this:
    select FT_TBL.resourceID, FT_TBL.lang, FT_TBL.keywords, FT_TBL.description, FT_TBL.extension, b.rank
    from full_text_search as FT_TBL inner join containstable(full_text_search, *, 'Microsoft') as b
    on b.[key] = FT_TBL.resourceID
    order by b.rank desc

    any help appreciated,

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    multiple tables full-text search

    I figured the solution to the previous post. I was trying to search on the .pdf files, but I do not have filter installed on the server to filter through these files, other files extension work fine.

    Another problem:
    I have two tables that are full-text search enabled. And I need to search one table first, and than the columns in the second one. This works fine if the search criteria is found in both tables, but if not the query returns nothing.

    help much appreciated!

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    Got this one too.

    use union all.

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