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    Unanswered: preference for rman

    Is there any overriding preference for the use of RMAN over user-managed backups?

    After learning about RMAN, it kind of gives me a wary feeling. Our philosophy has always been to run scripts whose programming is clearly understood, as opposed to relying on GUI tools.

    Even though RMAN has a command line interface, it still strikes me as a GUI tool, as the only way to recover data saved away by RMAN is to use RMAN. I'm much more comfortable with copying actual datafiles for backup.

    What's the general consensus about RMAN?


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    RMAN makes it simple and manages everything for you.

    I have never seen the GUI interface and strictly write my scripts based
    on command-line.

    Here's my code for a hot full backup:
    connect target / catalog rman/rman@bck1
    run{backup database plus archivelog;}

    3 lines (actually, it's just 1 line)!
    How many lines is your code?

    This is just an example of how powerful and simple RMAN can be.
    Want to delete your obsolete backups?

    delete noprompt obsolete

    I have no idea what the GUI does for you, but with a cronjob it is a
    simple process to implement a backup strategy.

    Perhaps you should explain in more detail why you fear RMAN.
    You can even run RMAN remotely to backup your database.
    So, all you need is RMAN on any client and NET8 setup.

    Look at it this way:
    Who knows the database better?
    The database or you?
    RMAN is just an extension of the database.
    - The_Duck
    you can lead someone to something but they will never learn anything ...

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    I personally am an old fashioned type of guy ... I like to feel it, see it ...
    I write scripts to write my backup scripts for me, both online and offline
    at all my clients sites....

    I want to KNOW that I can go to a specific place and put my hands on a specific datafile at any point in time ...

    I've heard both good and bad with RMAN.... I have a very large customer that came to me because they were having trouble with RMAN....

    Your data is only as good as your last GOOD backup ...


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    RMAN has several advantages:
    -It is faster since it backs up only 'changed' blocks since last backup.
    -It can make use of parallel channels.
    -It can work in three modes- full,incremental and cumulative.
    -It checks for logical corruptions (since it inherits the dbv algorithm) and based on the MAXCORRUPT parameter will error out if the block is somehow soft corrupt. An OS backup will never catch these.

    My 2 cents,
    Sudip Datta
    Server Technologies
    Oracle Corporation

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    I also forgot to mention that you can validate your backups after you take them to verify you can recover with them.
    - The_Duck
    you can lead someone to something but they will never learn anything ...

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