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    Question Unanswered: Full-text of XML data column

    Hi gurus

    A developer created a stored procedure that search in a huge table in a column with ‘like’ statement.
    I know that the best solution in most case is use of full-text.

    But the content of this specific column is a XML data and Full-text don´t find words as desired.

    For example:
    Table content:
    ID = 1
    DsColumn = ´<Name>BETH</Name>´

    select * from tbResp
    where DsColumn like '%BETH %'
    ID DsColumn
    --- ---------------------------------
    1 <Name>BETH</Name>
    1 row(s) affected

    select * from tbResp
    contains(DsColumn, ' BETH ')

    0 row(s) affected

    Can anyone give me a better solution?


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    No Solutions?!

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