I welcome all of you (people with a website, people who own hosting companies, or people considering buying hosting) to try out our new website, The Host Report


The Host Report monitors web servers to provide information about Web Hosting Companies, and a live uptime status for their server. Users can check each web host to see if it is just their ISP, or if the host is actually down, and they can add ratings, testimonials, or bad stories about each host to provide invalueable insight to those who are looking for new hosting companies.

We are currently building our database of web hosts, so we would appreciate if you don't see your host, or the host that you are a client of listed in the directory, to suggest it to us through the simple form we have set up, it takes less then 1 minute and suggestions are approved daily.

This is the first phase of our website, and as the service grows, more and more information on each web host will be developed into the listings based on suggestions we receive, and ideas we have (we are planning very big things for this website).

You're welcome to leave any comments, or suggestions. We would appreciate what you think about the site! It took several weeks to finally get a candidate of the script that we started from scratch as functional, and secure as possible.