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    Unanswered: Translate Non Printing Characters to spaces

    Hi, Im having a problem which I would think we be straight-forward but is not... I have loaded from SQL statements from Unix into an Oracle table ( line by line ), and am trying to then convert any instance of a TAB into a space...

    so I'm trying :

    REPLACE(sql_column, '\t', ' ') but its not working ??



    I would like to expand this question to include converting any non-printing characters that can ever be found in a VARCHAR2 column ( basically the characters that display as a little box when using a front-end Oracle utility ), such as a carriage return, form-feed... Thanks
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    Try using the ascii value for tab, rather than the \t.

    For example...

    select replace('ABC',chr(65),chr(66)) from dual

    IIRC the ascii value for tab is 8.

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