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    Unanswered: database connection..

    hello oracle DBAs..
    Iam accesing a remote oracle9i database server on solaris8 from client through coldfusion mx.
    It is eating most of the cpu time,whenever I run applications involving database connection through coldfusion..
    whether it is the problem with database creation or coldfusion session creation I couldnt make it.. please help me in solving this..
    thanks in advance.

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    alter session set events '10046 trace name context forever, level 12';

    then a trace file will be generated in user_dump_dest

    analyze the result with tkprof or use statpack

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    Re: database connection..

    If it is eating up CPU time you may be able to find it easier to check the SQL it is running then trying to trace it. connect to the server with coldfusion then check active sql to see if you have any long running SQL statements that need to be tuned.

    SELECT s. address, S.SQL_TEXT
    FROM v$sqlarea s, v$session u
    where u.status = 'ACTIVE'
    and s.address = u.sql_address;

    (this will give you the first 1000 char of the sql text if that is not enough you can pull out the full SQL by the address. ) If you do not see long running sentances then you will probably want to go to tracing.

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