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    Smile Unanswered: Install Apache/PHP/mySQL on Windows with just 1 mouse click

    A few weeks ago I was struggling to get Apache, PHP, mySQL... installed on my Windows XP machine. Instead of downloading and "connecting" the different components (Apache, PHP...) I "discovered" that pre-build installers are available that combine all of those components into just one executable, proper settings included.
    Just one mouse-click, restart the PC and you are up and running.
    The distribution that I use is Apache2Triad and can be found at
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    another good one is phpTriad, I don't know if what you posted is the same thing but this one installs apache, php, mysql, and phpmyadmin with uno click.
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    Here's another one

    What i'm using right now is UniServer, takes only less than 3MB to download. Search it in

    The only problem with them is that they have no IMAP support.
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