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    Unanswered: Backup Oracle 8i Server in WinNT/Win98 Client Server Environment


    One of our client need a solution. Constraints are :

    1. They will use Oracle 8i and Windows NT. They have licence version of both. It is a Small Hospital haveing a IBM X-225 Server standard model with around 10-20 client Machine.

    2. They donot want to use Linux or Other Unix version in server. Because they need an Administrator permanently.

    3. As they will not have Administrator, they want a Backup server ( Will be configured in a PC for the time between main server crash to the Support Engineer to come. ). They are ready to be a bit slow during the failover time.

    4. The clients will be windows 98 and should automatically connect to the backup server when main server fails.

    5. The Front End is a Visual Basic and Crystal report based Hospital management Software.

    Please give the solution in details . I will like to be guided by you and hopefully will be able to configure with last five years of experience in Linux, Oracle and NT .

    Thanks in advance.
    G J Shankar Nath
    IT Consultant, Vedswasti Services Pvt. Ltd

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    2 options that I would investigate:

    Replication ... either MASTER - MASTER or MASTER - SNAPSHOT
    using failover in TNSNAMES
    Failover Database

    With Oracle 8i, I like the replication option because with failover, once you failover, you can't fail back easily.... Another reason is that with replication, I can put query intensive REPORTS on the replicated database and away from the "REAL" database ...


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