Howdo all,

I've a main report that contains a number of different subreports - queries are running fine, and the subs display correct data. As soon as I place them inside the main report, their frickin font changes from Arial to Courier! This messes up the layouts, and because it doesn't happen for all the subreports, the font across the page is inconsistent.

Why the hell does this happen? Each subreport is designed in Arial, and displays in Arial when launched seperately, but for 2 or 3, they change automatically when set inside the main report.

To try and fix, I started messing around with the 'Autoformat' feature and found that setting the 'options' to 'apply font as attribute', the font returns to normal. It also changes each subreports label to bold - these labels aren't to display on the report, so when I removed 'em, the fonts all changed back to Courier! Aaaargness.

Curious to know if anyone else has seen this - I've made similiar reports in this project where this never occurred at all...