Might sound easy, but I'm REAL NEW to databases, as well as coding. I'm currently attempting to create a program for soldiers in Iraq in VB.NET linking to an Access Database.

Here are the issues I'm Having. I can input records to my dataset from both my data entry form, and the Access Database.

My problem is that I can not figure out what I need to do to get the information in the dataset to update the database. As it is, the database comes up with the same information every time I reopen it.

I have 2 tables that matter. 1 is LOGON with a field LOGONID (which contains an ID number for the user logged in)
and the second table is Flights which contains ID, MODEL, AC, TIME, TYPE, REMARKS, DATE, and MSN.

My dataset is basically the same name with DS in front. (IE..DSID, DSMODEL, DSAC etc.)

My problem is primarily in just getting the thing to update off of the DataGrid for now.

I'm also trying to have the user enter in all the fields except ID and have the system enter in the number from the LOGONID field into the ID field for each entry.

Any help or ideas would be greatly appreciated!