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    Unanswered: Pervasive 2000i service hangs under Win2K

    A collegue of mine is experiencing weekly Pervasive.SQL server service hangs. The service hangs up during increased database activity, usually towards the end of the day when paperwork is produced from the data entered during the earlier part of the day.

    When the service hangs, no errors are logged to PVSW.LOG

    The server hardware has been swapped out for similar, but not the same hardware - this has had no noticable effect on the problem.

    * Server is Windows 2000 latest service pack.
    * Pervasive server is 2000i latest service pack.
    * Clients are latest Pervasive 32bit client (also using BTRBOX95 / BDOSSTUB) on a mix of client operating systems from Win 9x upto Win XP.
    * The network protocol in use is TCP/IP.
    * Transactional database files are version 7.

    Pervasive.SQL is running on a member server. The domain controller does not have Pervasive.SQL installed on it.

    The system is using the transactional side of the Pervasive.SQL product and does not use the relational side at all.

    The transactional side is being accessed using basic Btrieve Version 5 calls.

    There does not appear to be a pattern and there is no information in the Pervasive Knowledgebase regarding this type of issue.

    When we try and delete the user that has had the hang using MONITOR, service utilisation goes up to 100%.

    Any ideas?

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    What happens in terms of the application when the Pervasive service hangs? Do you get errors? If so, what are they? Is there anything in the PVSW.LOG (not just errors)? You say you're at the latest service pack. What is the exact version of the engine you're using? Easiest way is to check the version of W3ODBCEI.DLL and NTDBSMGR.EXE on the server. If you're running SP4, have you tried the HotFixes from Pervasive?
    What are the specs for the hardware (CPU, RAM, HD, etc)? Also, is anything else running when this happens?
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