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    Unanswered: Trying to Synchronize

    I am tryign to sync two tables that are in two different databases. It is suppuse to update the record in the [orgloc] table if the customer ship to name has changed in the [opcshto] table. The cust_code would be the unique identifier. in both tables.

    this is what I have:

    UPDATE [r2lprospector].[dbo].[orgloc]
    SET [r2lprospector].[dbo].[orgloc].[custshiptoname] =
    from [cimpro1].[dbo].[OPCSHTO], [r2lprospector].[dbo].[orgloc]
    WHERE [cimpro1].[dbo].[OPCSHTO].[cust_code] = [r2lprospector].[dbo].[orgloc].[custcode]

    I keep getting an error though. The error is:
    Server: Msg 8152, Level 16, State 9, Line 1
    String or binary data would be truncated.
    The statement has been terminated.

    Any help is appreciated.

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    See this KBA;EN-US;318606 is any help.

    Also compare the data inserted with the datatypes and lengths.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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