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    Unanswered: Determing all instances defined on a server

    I'm in the process of writing some utility scripts which will
    interface SQL2K to our backup storage system, Tivoli. In our shop we
    "fire" the backup process from the Tivoli storage server by invoking a
    command script on the client server. The issue I've run into is that
    some of our servers were installed with Named Instances, either
    instead of or in addition to the default instance.

    Rather than hard coding these values in the scripts I'm looking for a
    way to determine all the instance names on a server. The scripts
    could then be generic without custom tailoring for current and future
    servers (and instances).

    Anyone have a solution?

    Fred Prose - Arizona Supreme Court
    Fred Prose

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    I think using OSQL -L which lists the locally configured servers and the names of the servers broadcasting on the network you can get this information.
    --Satya SKJ
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    I'd strongly suggest that you post the problem for IBM. I know that we had a bunch of IBM geeks onsite early this year for a similar problem, and they found an APAR that fixes a problem with SQL Server enumeration that cleared up our problem instantly.

    You can certainly get there other ways (Perl jumps right to mind, a small VC app would be another choice), but getting the product to work as intended sounds like a much better plan to me.


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