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    Question Unanswered: FK Index Advice

    I have a couple custom database that I am building. They will be 3NF with several many to many linking tables.

    In general, both databases will have about 30 tables. MOST tables will have an autonumber PK, and two FK fields related to PK's on another table. My question is about indexing...

    I will not be designing the application(s) using the DB's (as far as ASP code, VB script) etc, so I am not familiar with the SQL to be used, nor am I confident that my developers will run the code by me before the system is done.

    Therefore, I am trying to create very general indexes on each table that will serve generic needs (my attempt at half-way optimizing the DB). So each table has a unique index on the PK, and each FK has it OWN non-unique index. Is this the correct way to do this? Or, should I have one index that covers both FK columns rather than two indexes? Any thoughts? Please provide some reasoning with any answers.

    Thanks in advance!

    Ryan Hunt

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    Run the CPU intensive statements through the Index Tuning Wizard (ITW) in order to get any index recommendations that may be necessary.

    Review information from this link on choosing indexes.
    --Satya SKJ
    Microsoft SQL Server MVP

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