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    Question Unanswered: Can This Be Done

    Hello Everyone

    I am designing a scheduling system for my work using Excel 2000. In order to make the interface secure, I have already disabled all toolbars, right-click options, tabs, etc. However, the problem I have is that when you double-click on the top bar of excel (the one which displays the file name, the minimize, restore, and close buttons), it will restore down the size of the window. I need to have this window always stay maximized. I have already disabled the three buttons on that bar (minimize, restore, and close), but I can't find a way to disable the double-click on that bar restoring it down. I'm not sure if an Application-Level event can be used to disable this feature. Does anyone have any suggestions/solutions to this situation?


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    Why not use the View-->Full Screen option?

    Application.DisplayFullScreen = True

    That'll get rid of the Title Bar all together.

    Or you could try something like:
    Private Sub WindowResize()
        Application.WindowState = xlMaximized
    End Sub
    Private Sub On_DoubleClick()
        Application.WindowState = xlMaximized
    End Sub
    Hope that helps,


    EDIT: TYPO & I didn't actually try those snippets; just thoughts.
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