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    Question Unanswered: Impossible deadlock situation

    We're running multiple jobs simultaneously, which internally do kindly the same.
    (Which means, they always perform queries on the same tables, in the same order.)


    set lock mode to wait
    set wait time to 180 (which is quite long, imho)
    select table a for update...
    update something in table a...

    Now, if there are (let's say) 20 jobs doing the same thing (with different data content, of course) simultaneously, Informix frequently returns ISAM-Error -143 (which is: "deadlock detected").

    From my point of view, deadlocks are not possible in this kind of processing.

    As i ascertained, Informix queues requests internally, processing them one by one.
    Is there a limit of concurrent requests that Informix can handle?
    If so, is there a environment variable one can set?

    Looks like Informix gets mixed up handling a certain amount of concurrent requests.

    Thanks for comments and proposals...

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    which mode does your table set ? (page,row)
    My site was encountered this problem a month ago and have bee solved,
    Can you set value of OPTCOMPIND parameter to 0 and run your command again (table lock mode = row)

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    Table is set to row-lock

    Our tables are set to row-lock.

    I will try this option as soon as i reach a db-admin.
    I'll inform you on the results.


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