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    Unanswered: Question about installing MySQl and creating accounts.

    Hi,I'm new in MySQL.I downloaded the MySQL binary version for windows and install it with the install sheild.But i have some question about it:
    1)how do i know if MySQL is properly install in my computer?Is there a way to check it out?
    2)how do i know if the configurations are right?
    3)how can i create multiple user accounts in MySql?

    Thanks you!

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    Re: Question about installing MySQl and creating accounts.

    Instead of installing separate components (Apache, PHP, mySQL...) and tying them together, I downloaded a distribution that has all of those components, including proper settings.

    I had an outer body experience with Apache2Triad on my Windows XP machine. Download, run, restart en you are up and running.

    Apache2Triad can be found at

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