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    Smile Unanswered: Newbie asking some qns

    Hi all, i am new to access and was asked to do a small scale db project for my company i am in... i have checked the help section in access but did not manage to find any help...

    ok here it is: i have written a simple query which calculates the sum of a certain field grouped by a certain condition... now is there any way i can store this results specifically into a field in another table which is related... i know that results from query are not stored in the db, so is there anyway?

    i have a great deal to learn. Pardon me if i have not express my problem clearly. Lastly thanks in advance.

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    Query Types

    In your query, you can change the type - or what the query does.

    With your query open, click on the query toolbar:

    You can choose 'SELECT' query which simply allows you to pull results out to view

    'APPEND' adds the results of your query to a table

    'UPDATE' updates an empty column in a table with the results of your query

    'DELETE' is fairly obvious

    'MAKETABLE' creates a brand new table with the results of your query...

    hope this helps,


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    thanks alot sugarflux!! u have helped me a great deal heh

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