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    Unanswered: Simple problem usign Link Master and Child fields

    I know this must be an easy issue to someone that has used access before. Therefore, I'm sorry to ask such a n00bie question, and hope that someone has time and interest to answer me.

    So, I have two tables which I want to link, hardware and computers. Each hardware has one or more computers, so I need a form which show information about the hardware and a subform that shows the relevant computers. I've been able to do this, but now one computer can be used by two hardware, so in computers table there are columns location 1 and location 2.

    Now subform links "hardware name" and "location 1". How can I make it link "hardware name" and "location 1" and "location". Somekind of OR function is needed I quess. And no, I'm not yet familiar with queries.

    So I think and hope this could be done using Link Child and Master Fields.

    Thanks again!

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    You've got a bit of a schema issue... My solution would be to add another table (lets call it inv) of the following format:

    inv_id : AutoNumber (PK)
    computer_id: (FK)
    hardware_id: (FK)

    This will allow you to enter as many hardware -> computer relationships as you would like. It will also allow you to query for either all hardware associated with a given computer, or all computers associated with a given piece of hardware.

    You can then assign the new table as the datasource for your subform and set the Parent -> Child relationship based on hardware_id.

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