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    Unanswered: URGENT! Date function not working Access 97 under NT

    Please help!!

    I have a 97 database in NT which i have been using for months with no errors.

    I am suddenly receiving errors every time the 'Date()' function is used in my code?

    Does anyone know a how to sort this problem out? I have checked the References and none appear to be MISSING.

    Please help!


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    Check your preferences, see if there is one (I think it is called missed .........) I don't remember exactly. If this is checked, just uncheck it..

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    References al l ok

    As mentioned above i had already checked the references and none of them were marked as MISSING.

    Thanks anyway Hambakka!

    I have now resolved this problem so if anyone is having a similar issue -

    There were some common references - Windows Scripting Host etc which are apparently incompatible with others. The Reference that i was having problems with was the 'Microsoft Map' reference. Removing this resolved my problem.

    Thanks for everyones help anyway!


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