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    Unanswered: Sound naming convention ( for fields )

    Would it be wise to include the name of the table also ( of course in an abbreviated form ) in a field name e.g. a field f of a table t might be named tf. This aquires significance when multiple tables have fields by the same name e.g. ID. I know that any SQL server ought to automatically disambiguate collided names automatically but my feat is regarding external tools e.g. I suspect the VB DataEnvironment designer is carEless in this behalf. What have been members experiences and what is thier advice?

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    You should be able to qualify field names with table names where required, so it doesn't really matter if you add a table identifier to a field name. I would suggest not doing it as the shorter the field name the better - if the name is informative and succinct that is probably the best you can do.
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