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    Question Unanswered: Calculation Problems

    I am trying to use

    Expr1: DCount("[LOA/NLOA]","Mailing List","[LOA/NLOA] = 'LOA'")

    to calculate the number of loa records in the LOA/NLOA field. I have another field called FY that I also need to be able to restrict the equation to so it will only calcuate the LOA by the Fiscal Year in the FY field. Ie would FY=04. I would need the LOA/NLOA to count the LOA's but only for FY=04 not all the LOA's in the table.
    Can anyone let me know how I can add Fy restrictions to that formula.
    Thanks in advance for your help.

    Cory M Greenwell

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    You can use AND to tack on criteria as necessary.


    Expr1: DCount("[LOA/NLOA]","Mailing List","[LOA/NLOA] = 'LOA' AND FY=04")

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