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    Talking Interesting design challenge

    Hello all...I am trying to design a database for a youth soccer league to allow score reporting to be automated throug a web form and have the data inserted into a MySQL DB using Java. There are a few challenges.

    1) The scores are reported by each clubs representative. This means that team "123" will have a score reported by 2 seperate individuals every week. There is the possibility of 2 different scores being reported for one team.

    2) There are 10+ weeks in the season. How do I track each week seperately? Would I make 10 tables? One for each week.

    3) Each club has a different number of teams that they are reporting on. How do I handle this with the insert?

    I am sure that there are other challenges that I haven't even thought of yet.

    Any help will be much appreciated.


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    Re: Interesting design challenge

    Re (2): no, one table with a "week" column.

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    Having scored for AYSO for several years, this is a problem I understand pretty well!

    There are always two teams in a match. You'll get two reports for each match, one report from each team with scores for both teams.

    You'll probably want one table for team information, one for match information (showing which teams play each other when and where), one for match scores (match, team, score, and reporter), and probably one table for player information. You'll have to figure out how to match players to teams, especially if one play can play on more than one team!

    I suspect that you'll need to report any discrepancies in match scores to the league scorekeeper for resolution. There isn't a way I know to do that in code.


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