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    Unanswered: Login sys as sysDb on windoze

    Hi, i'm new to oracle, i'm trying to log into the databse with sql*plus and the various oracle application (devlopper suite)...

    I can't figure how to enter the sysdba command to the windows login, the form with "login, password, connect string"

    I know that i can log with command line, but i will prefer to use the windozze login form.

    At the command line i tryed this :
    exp "sys/sys as sysdba@syntest"

    (yes the sys pw is sys, it's not a prod database)

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    Oracle 9i I suppose
    Try this at the sql prompt

    SQL> conn sys/sys@syntest as sysdba

    OR at the logon screen for sql plus.

    Username: sys/sys@syntest as sysdba


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