In my report, I'm using several text boxes with running totals "Over group" and "over all." The summed totals for the group footers are then adjusted for the "Over group" totals. For instance, [reghrsadjust] is a running total over the group. In the group total, the total field is =sum(reghours) - [reghrsadjust]. The problem is that the running total seems to exclude the last detail record.

For instance, the 'reghrsadjust' when visible and printed in the record line has a correct running total of 15 and lets say the 15 is derived from 2 records with values of 6 and 9. In the group footer, the total field (sum(hours) - [reghrsadjust] only uses the 6 and not the 15 (even though 15 is the value of [reghrsadjust] and appears in the last detail line.

To confuse things further, if I hide the detail of the report and only show the group footers, it will use the 15 instead of the 9 and arrive at the correct sum!

Hopefully, I've explained this clearly enough. Thanks much for your help. I've struggled with it.