I'm Using VB6 and sql server 2000, I have this code:
Sql = "INSERT INTO table (id,name) VALUES(1,'carl')" & vbcrlf
Sql = Sql & "INSERT INTO table (id,name) VALUES(2,'pez')" & vbcrlf
Sql = Sql & "INSERT INTO table (id,name) VALUES(3,XXX)" & vbcrlf 'this line has an error
Sql = Sql & "INSERT INTO table (id,name) VALUES(4,'carl')" & vbcrlf

rs.Open Sql, SqlServerConn
if I do this on my local sql server I get an error on that line no rows are inserted into the table.
But if I run this on a remote hosting sql server I don't get the error and all the rows except the one with the error are inserted.

I can do a transaction, with that I don't get the rows inserted, but I don't get the error.
How do I get the server or the recordset to raise the error?

Any help please..