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Thread: Query Optimize.

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    Unanswered: Query Optimize.

    Hi all,

    Table 'A' is having 105 fields & 233000 records.
    One Clusterd Primary Key & 10 nonclusterd key.

    If I joined with table 'A' or 'Select * from 'A' , Query takes more time so please let me know best way to structure query or table, Indexes etc.

    Reply to me asap positivaly ....

    M. G.
    M. Jain

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    Without having the DDL (the CREATE TABLE and CREATE INDEX statements in particular), and the query(s) that are running slow, I'm pretty severly handicapped in giving you much advice.

    The only real insight that I can give without more informations is to be sure that your statistics are current using the UPDATE STATISTICS statement.


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