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    password protect usb disk and removable drive

    Recommend a new software to encrypt usb flash memory disk .

    It named StoragrCrypt .

    It also can encrypt removable hard drive .

    It encrypt entire drive in few second .

    Encryption Algorithm : 128 bits IDEA .

    User password length up to 50 characters.

    software link :
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    Re: password protect usb disk and removable drive

    Look at this:

    Password Protect Folders. The software program lets you secure your documents to prevent people from viewing, printing, or altering them. The program runs on Windows XP, 98, 2000, NT, ME.

    You can protect folders on the hard drive, USB external and removable drives.

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    StorageCrypt is more secure .

    It encrypts partition table , FAT table , NTFS $MFT , Directory table .

    Encryption Algorithm is 128 bits IDEA . Impossible to crack it .

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    Smile v2.0 released

    I found that StorageCrypt v2.0 released .
    It's a drive encryption software, password protect drive .

    Support multi-partition , Can set each partition as public or privacy .
    You can take the drive to anywhere without install software to other machine .

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